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Let me help you get started with WordPress. I created a dead simple solution for beginners that takes just minutes to complete.

I can help you get a domain name, web hosting, and install WordPress on your new server.

To get started, click the big red button below to register your domain name and hosting account.

We use SiteGround for our own website and recommend it as the best WordPress hosting provider.

Click the following link to read our full in-depth SiteGround Review.

Once you have the domain and hosting set up, simply fill out the sign up form below and we will get in touch.


Click the big red button above to set up your domain name and WordPress hosting with SiteGround.


Fill out your name and e-mail in the form above. I will get in touch as soon as possible to get started.


Once you grant me access to your SiteGround cPanel I will install WordPress and Divi for free.
How can I afford to provide this free service?

I get this question a lot so I wanted to address it upfront. The answer is simple.

This page contains affiliate links. If you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission.

This is at no extra cost to you. So if you are going to buy one of these products, please consider clicking through one of my affiliate links.

It really helps me out and allows me to continue providing this free service.

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